Extracts Collection™ aims to create beautiful “me time” moments enabling you to stop, breathe and reconnect to self. Whether at home or in the tranquil setting of a salon or spa, our range of skincare products, massage treatments & massage rituals encapsulates and nurtures all of you helping you find balance.

The Extracts Collection™ Pregnancy Massage & Pregnancy Massage Ritual offers the expectant mom a safe & nurturing treatment experience that focuses on specialised massage techniques to relieve tension, sciatic pain, water retention and promote a sense of well-being.


Pregnancy Massage Training

Offering safe and effective massage treatments are even more crucial when treating pregnant clients.  Extracts Collection™ Training Courses are developed to elevate the skills of qualified therapists, raising the standard of treatment delivery. Our training courses focus on ensuring a deep understanding of both theoretical and practical aspects of the pregnancy massage treatment. We incorporate the latest research, content and techniques in a safe and fun learning environment.

 Whether you are new to the world of pregnancy massage or currently offering pregnancy massage as a service, our Pregnancy Massage Training course is designed to enable you to ensure that your Pregnancy Massage treatments are aligned with the minimum safety standards required to treat an expectant mom and ensure the ultimate treatment experience.

NEWLY LAUNCHED:  Baby Massage Tutorial

The Extracts Collection™ Baby Massage Tutorial Lessons will equip every mom with the basic knowledge and skills to perform a safe and super beneficial baby massage on her new bundle of joy. Our expert instructor Sarah Henning will guide you with video and audio tutorials in an easy online learning platform. Touch is the most basic human & maternal behaviour and the first social experience babies partake immediately after birth.

Not only will you and your baby benefit after each session, but it has been shown that regular touch or massage therapy bears long term benefits for your child’s development.

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Getting started

Extracts Collection™ does not enforce minimum opening orders and you can therefore order what your business needs. Our package deals have been carefully selected to provide you with additional value add tools in order to help you successfully launch your pregnancy treatments.


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