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Extracts Collection™ works on facilitating mindfulness during pregnancy with the goal to enhance the emotional well-being of mommy, and at the same time, create a deep connection with her unborn baby. 

Mindfulness during pregnancy is the ability to be fully present and connected to your little one without feeling overwhelmed or over reactive.

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Our Promise

During this beautiful and exciting nine month stretch, we want to encourage you to take full advantage of precious little “me time” moments.  These mindfulness moments can be as simple as incorporating them into your daily stretchmark routine, or spoiling yourself to a pregnancy massage.

At Extracts Collection™ we have lovingly created beautiful pregnancy safe skincare products, treatment therapies and training programs to ensure that you are in safe hands during this precious time in your life and have access to the tools you need to practise daily mindfulness during your pregnancy.

So stop, breathe, and reconnect.  After all, a happy mommy = a happy baby.

Our Blog

Consciousness in Kids

Consciousness in Kids How often does it happen that when you’re having a bad day & nothing’s going your way – how you respond tends to make the situation worse or more challenging with rash reactions and decisions?  Often, right? How can we become more aware of what happens in our bodies at these times…

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