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Our dream is to create a mindfulness space that can act as a platform through which we can touch lives in a positive way.  We cannot think of a more special time to do so, than when you are about to embark on the biggest journey of your life – the journey to parenthood.

“The ‘journey of self’ has been the hardest, but also most rewarding process for me if I think back to becoming a mommy for the first time.  It has taught me how to become selfless, be more self-aware, be less ego driven, taught the true meaning of responsibility, and helped me to understand that we each play our part in the greater good of a connected society”.

We are passionate about facilitating a strong bond being formed between mommy and her unborn baby, and we do this through making available mindfulness practices and tools that are easy to use and incorporate into your daily life.  Being more mindful will hopefully translate into more emotionally strong mommies that can support the healthy physical and emotional development of our children by being present, calm and engaging within a connected family environment.

Our Founder

Janine with her family.

founder janine jansen van rensburg

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