Full Body U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow – Home

The Extracts Collection™ Full Body Pillow ensures the correct support and ultimate comfort for an expectant mom whilst lying down, and for this reason, we incorporate the use of this comfortable pillow in all our Pregnancy Massage Treatments.  This beautiful pillow can also be used at home to improve sleeping whilst pregnant, support the body and facilitate breastfeeding once baby has arrived.  

Why We Love It

– Full Body Pillow offers comfort & support.

– U-Shaped to support your back, neck, legs & hips as it follows the natural shape of your body.

– Can be used for side sleeping, back sleeping, tummy sleeping and sitting upright.

– Can be used during breastfeeding to support the baby and mothers arms.

– Can be used for babies to encourage tummy time to strengthen their neck, shoulder and back muscles.

– Perfect for use post-operative when additional support is needed.

– Removable covers which can be washed.

– Super soft and comfy.

– Hypo-allergenic.

How to Use It

1. For Sleeping at Home:

    – Place the pillow in your bed allowing the pillow to support your neck, arms, knees and hips.

    – Sleeping flat on your back is not recommended during pregnancy.  If you want to sleep on your back you need to add supporting pillows behind your back to raise the angel at which the pillow is supporting you to 45%.  This also applies to breast augmentation surgery and mastectomy’s. 

    – If back sleeping is preferred and you are not pregnant or haven’t undergone surgery, use the pillow’s neck portion as your pillow for neck support.


2. For Breastfeeding:

    – Support your back by raising the pillow to 45%. 

    – Bend your knees to alleviate pressure from your lower back.

    – Fold either “leg” of the full body pillow under your elbow and over your lap.

    – Place your baby securely on the pillow next to your chest, cradling their neck in your arm which is supported by the pillow.

What it's Made of

– Material pillow case: mini matt fabric/cotton mix.

– Towelling pillow case: cotton/polyester mix.