Full Body U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow – Professional

The Extracts Collection™ Full Body Pillow ensures the correct support and ultimate comfort for an expectant mom when receiving a Pregnancy Massage.  For this reason, we incorporate the use of this comfortable pillow in all our Pregnancy Massage Treatments. 

Why We Love It

 – Full Body Pillow offers comfort & support.

 – U-Shaped to support the back, neck, legs & hips as it follows the natural shape of your body.

 – The use of this one pillow replaces the need for multiple pillows to be used and adjusted during treatments.

 – Removable covers which can be washed.

 – Super soft and comfy.

 – Hypo-allergenic.

How to Use It

For Massage use by professionals: 

     – Place the pillow onto a stable massage bed which has been covered with towels.

     – Place client either in the left or lateral lie position.

     – Raise back rest of massage to 45% and place client in the fowlers position, ensuring the lower back and knees are supported.

What it's Made of

 – Material pillow case: mini matt fabric/cotton mix.

 – Towelling pillow case: cotton/polyester mix.