Mindfulness Pregnancy Journal

Keeping a pregnancy journal offers a beautiful way to stay in touch with how you are feeling both emotionally and physically during your pregnancy.  It gives you the perfect opportunity to think about your baby and dream about what type of mommy you want to be.

Why We Love It

– It keeps you grounded.

– It allows you to dream.

– It keeps you connected to yourself and your baby.

– It helps you set your intentions for the parent you want to be.

– Journaling can improve your emotional well-being, mental clarity and physical health.

How to Use It

– Curl up and get comfortable.

– We love old school pen and paper.

– Chose a time of the day that works for you – we love the last couple of minutes of the day before you go to bed.

– Ten minutes a day will do just fine – or just keep writing until you feel that you have said what you wanted to say.

– You can record milestones during your pregnancy and capture special moments you share like the first little kick, or the not so subtle “mom it is getting a bit cramped in here” elbow in your rib cage.

– Good or bad, fears or excitement – this is your time write your pregnancy story.