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The intention of this blog is to share some tools & insights to help support our kids through everyday challenges.

The 1st step is to help parents become more aware of how our moods, responses & reactions to situations become the primary regulating tools our kids learn.

If just that statement panics you, notice that! We’re not here to create fear but rather awareness which opens up choice. Choice that empowers both us as well as the little people around us, whom we influence so hugely.

The goal here is to create an overall calmer, more emotionally aware household so that we together can build a more conscious, loving world.

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Consciousness in Kids

Consciousness in Kids How often does it happen that when you’re having a bad day & nothing’s going your way – how you respond tends to make the situation worse or more challenging with rash reactions and decisions?  Often, right? How can we become more aware of what happens in our bodies at these times…

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