At-Home Baby Massage Tutorial

The loving touch of a parent and or caregiver is one of the most important experiences for your baby’s physical, mental and emotional development. It offers you a wonderful opportunity to share special bonding moments with your little bundle of joy, that will enhance your connection and increase your understanding of each other.

The Extracts Collection™ Baby Massage Tutorial Lessons will equip every mom with the basic knowledge and skills to perform a safe and beneficial baby massage on her little one. Our expert Doula and Massage Baby instructor will guide you with video and audio tutorials in an easy online learning platform.

Not only will you and your baby benefit after each session, but it has been shown that regular touch or massage therapy bears long term benefits for your child’s physical and emotional development.

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Course Details

– The course is divided into 2 Chapters, first being important theoretical information and second covering the practical aspect.

– Both the theoretical Chapter and the practical Chapter is divided into 5 lessons each.

– Should take about 1h30min to go over the entire Tutorial at first and then allow for added time to practise the massage on your baby per lesson.

– It is recommended when first starting out and your baby is getting used to being massaged not to expect getting through a full body massage on your baby, but rather one area at a time.

What You’ll Learn

– Benefits of Touch Therapy.

– Benefits of Baby Massage.

– How to Prepare your Massage Space.

– Which oils can you use for Baby Massage.

– Massage of Baby’s Back.

– Massage of Baby’s Leg.

– Massage of Baby’s Tummy & Chest.

– Massage of Baby’s Arms.

– Massage of Baby’s Face.