Pregnancy Massage Training

Whether you are new to the world of pregnancy massage or currently offering pregnancy massage as a service, our Pregnancy Massage Training course is designed to enable you to ensure that your Pregnancy Massage treatments are aligned with the safety standards required to treat an expectant mom and ensure the ultimate treatment experience.

The Extracts Collection™ pregnancy massage course has been developed by an expert pregnancy massage training facilitator, in conjunction with a qualified and highly skilled Doula.

The course takes an in depth look at the theoretical aspects of pregnancy such as medical terminology, anatomical and physiological changes during pregnancy. The course also includes the practical application of Pregnancy Massage techniques as well as incorporates a step-by-step protocol of the Extracts Collection™ Pregnancy Massage Therapy.

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Course Requirements

All delegates require a prior qualification in either Massage Therapy, Doula Practice, Midwifery or similar qualification.

Course Details

– An in-depth knowledge of the anatomical & physiological changes during pregnancy.

– Understanding the stages of pregnancy and the role you play in each.

– In-depth study of the benefits of pre-natal massages.

– In-depth practical application of pregnancy safe massage techniques.

– In-depth practical application of safe pregnancy body placements.

What You’ll Learn

– Introduction to Prenatal Massage.

– Prenatal Language.

– In-depth study of Pregnancy Anatomy & Physiology.

– Pregnancy Complications & Massage Contra-indications.

– Stages of Labour.

– Dispelling the Myths of Pregnancy Massage.

– Study of the Medical Benefits of Pregnancy Massage.

– Approved Pregnancy Massage Positioning.

– Pregnancy Product Safety.

– Room & Massage Bed Preparation.

– Introduction into basic breathing techniques.

– Step-by Step explanation and assessment of massage techniques and body positioning.

– A professional guide to ending off a Pregnancy Massage.


– An Extracts Collection™ Certificate of Completion will be issued to all delegates who successfully complete the training and examination.

– This course is also recognized by SAAHSP and offers CPD points in South Africa.

– Course currently under review in the United Kingdom for CPD recognition.

Course Delivery

This training is offered either in person, or via our Extracts Collection™ Training Academy online training portal.